Saturday, June 9, 2018

Transgender? Johns Hopkins says biologically impossible!

"Lost in Transition" is a new show on TLC which follows several couples in long term marriages, in which the husband decides he's really female!  He then commences on a regimen of high doses of estrogen (which seriously raises the risk of breast cancer) and testosterone blockers, puts on heavy makeup and wigs etc.  The wives are all suffering... one lady says she fell in love with a guy and cannot stay with her husband who now thinks he's female.  Another lady is trying to stay with the marriage but having a rough time with it, and one of the other couples has decided to divorce if the husband "transitions".  All the wives are having a rough time with their husbands' transitions and the question lingers in my mind - "why would the husband do something like that, to the person they supposedly love and have committed their lives to?".

Statistics tell us that four times as many men, transition to females as do females to males.  Johns Hopkins medical institute reminds us that transgenderism is biologically impossible.

One question, often asked of these female wannabes, is "how long have you felt this way?"  Most of them say they had these feelings since childhood and their parents reacted in various ways.  Many parents were judgmental of their kids with transgender feelings, some becoming extremely punishing, applying the strap etc.  Which of course, did the opposite of what they intended.  The head psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins states that 80% of children have transgender feelings.  I remember I told my mother I wanted to grow up to be a male and she laughed and said I had no choice in the matter and that was that.  She was a very wise lady! 

All of these couples seem ignorant of the biological truth - that you cannot change genders because the gender is coded into all five billion cells of our bodies... simply put, in the DNA, males have an XY combination and females have an XX combination.

I have known several "transgender" males and they are still male... in their mannerisms, in the way they transact with other people, even in the way they cross their legs.

Let's look at a few "transgenders", I've known in the past.  One of them, a handsome young man, began calling himself "Alice".  I chatted with him and told him, "You know you are a handsome guy - why would you want to mutilate yourself?" Turns out, he hadn't thought he was handsome because he had a sensitive face etc.  I told him if I wasn't married, I'd go for him.  After several talks with me, he went back to being a male! 

Another, older gent, had fought in Vietnam and one order he was given was to blow away an entire village, men, women and children.  He came home and decided to be "transgender".  I asked him if it was that as a woman, he would never again have to face the horrors of war, and he admitted that was a large part of it. 

Another fellow, was confused because he was a sensitive, highly intelligent person who felt he was more female than male because of his interests.  But he felt male also and was attracted to females - he just wanted to fit in.  I had long chats with him also, assuring him that because of his very high level of intelligence, he would never fit in so he should simply deal with it.

Finally, another fellow I knew quite well, decided at one point that he was a woman - he was the owner of a bike show I frequented.  He ended up dying of breast cancer a couple of years after he "transitioned", a result of the large amounts of female hormones required in male to female trangenders.

Bottom line - these individuals, usually sensitive artistic types, need to be chatted with and reassured that instead of mutilating their bodies and dressing in costume, they should understand and celebrate the concept of human diversity.