Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why did the CEO of Planned Parenthood misrepresent the truth about Obama?

If Planned Parenthood is so great, why does the CEO have to misrepresent the truth?

In a speech which is on the net, the CEO,
Cecile Richards, of Planned Parenthood, largest provider of abortions in the world, spins several myths

Cecile Richards is an attractive looking blond, who is 50ish and sharply dressed.

She has decided to take time off of Planned Parenthood to campaign fulltime, for Obama...Any bets that she's still collecting her salary for Planned Parenthood?  No bets! Richards, in January of 2012, defended her almost half a million bucks a year salary she gets from Planned Parenthood, saying she works hard for the bucks.

"The first act Obama signed," states Richards," was the 'Lily Ledbetter Act' allowing us to make sure that women get equal pay to men."

But this act did nothing of the sort.  It merely increased the length of the statute of limitations, according to the Wall Street Journal, allowing women who felt they were not getting equal pay, to have a longer time to sue their employers.  Most consider it an act to enhance business for attorneys!

"attorney Victoria Toensing, writing in the Wall Street Journal, said the Lilly Ledbetter act was not a big step at all, but rather a "teensy" one."

"Those rights are covered both in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, she said. The Democrats' handiwork in 2009 'merely changed how the statute of limitations is calculated.' "

Richards continues, "Under the affordable healthcare act, health care is expanded for millions of women" (right, including coverage of abortion only some of us feel that killing an unborn baby is NOT health care!

"Romney wants to take us back, not only 4 years but 40 years.", says Richards, "He said he'll do anything he can to overturn Roe V Wade."

This, is of course, another baldfaced lie  - Romney and Ryan both believe that abortion is appropriate in cases of rape and incest which means neither favors overturning Roe V Wade which would render abortion illegal in all cases.

Then, Cecile Richards gets to the real issue when she says "of course, Romney wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood which is providing millions of women with affordable healthcare!"

This may be Richards' biggest lie.  First of all, Romney never said anything about getting rid of Planned Parenthood - he only wants to remove some of the tax payer moneys from funding it (Planned Parenthood is, at present, 98% funded by our tax dollars).  He also wants to not fund Planned Parenthood in overseas abortions.

Since Planned Parenthood's profit margin from a $500 abortion which takes all of 5 minutes is obscene, perhaps Romney feels, rightly so, our tax dollars can be better spent, like FEEDING the hungry rather than killing their progeny.

Cecile then makes a plea for campaign help and contribution bucks, reminding us that "our daughters and granddaughters' future depends on it [re-electing Obama]"

Perhaps she is telling the truth here - whom we elect might determine whether our granddaughters get a chance to live or not and whether our daughters lose their children while in the womb.