Monday, June 13, 2016

Essure birth control - lawsuits and many problems

Essure came out in 2002  and was touted as a permanent birth control.  What it is, is a coil placed in each fallopian tube (the passageway to the uterus).

By 2011, complaints were pouring in and an article on CNA in 2016, described some rather horrific side effects.

"Perforated organs, metal coils lodged in the colon, fetal disfigurement due to nickel poisoning, Chronic pain, bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts - it's the stuff nightmares are made of. But these are real symptoms...observed with ...a device, Essure."
(from CNA article, Dec 2015)

The Doctor who invented it, has stopped doing it and a Facebook group to list complaints has grown to 24,000 members.

The listed side effects include "mild to moderate pain and/or cramping, vaginal bleeding and pelvic or back discomfort for a few days. Some women experienced nausia and/or vomiting. In rare instances, an Essure insert may be expelled from the body."

An administrator for the Essure Problems group, said the women in the group have experienced these problems to the extreme.

And should a woman want the insert removed, might have experienced device migration with the Essure coil being embedded in the colon or somewhere in the pelvis.  Essure coils in the colon can cause a blockage.

One woman experienced bankrupcy since the removal of the Essure was not covered by insurance. Worse yet, apparently the only safe and sure way to remove the Essure coils is a hysterectomy.

There is a lot more on this device - but suffice it to say it seems like a very bad idea.  I did a Google search and the first hits to come up were all lawsuits by unhappy Essure people - so you know the attorneys are making bucks.

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